Your new brown bin

We're making some improvements to recycling services by introducing new brown recycling bins. 

Request a new bin, box or box cover

Please fill out our report and request form if you would like to:

  • replace a damaged bin or blue box
  • replace a missing bin or box

If you share your black bin with other households, or if you have moved in to a brand new property and don’t have any bins yet, please contact us.

Due to a new recycling service being introduced citywide in the next few weeks, we are no longer providing replacement blue box covers. If you have lost your blue box cover, please continue to use your box without the cover until your new recycling service begins.

Further information about the new recycling service.

Please note that a charge is made for the provision of all new and replacement black bins. For households with their own black bin the charge is £20, which covers the administration and delivery costs of providing your replacement black bin.

Report a missed collection

If your bin has not been emptied this may have been because there was commercial or incorrectly recycled waste in your bin. If this is the case then we will not collect your bin and will leave a tag or sticker explaining why.

If there was no tag or sticker, check to see if there are any Service Alerts currently in place. If there are no service alerts, wait until after 4pm on your collection day and report a missed collection.

We will return to your property within 2 working days to empty your bin. If, however, there is a reason why we cannot do this, we will contact you within 2 working days to explain why.

Check Service Alerts

Before reporting a missed collection please check for any service alerts.

Request a larger or additional black bin

If you are a larger household and feel that you have too much waste to fit in your current black bin you can apply for a larger or additional black bin. Once we receive your application we may contact you to arrange a visit to your home to check the information you have provided. We will then review your application to see if you qualify for a larger or additional black bin. 

In Sheffield, a charge is made for the provision of all new and replacement black bins and, if your application is approved, you will be required to make a payment of £20 to cover the administration and delivery costs of providing you with your additional bin.

Help with bin collections

If you are unable to take your bin to the kerb because of a disability or ill health, you can request help. This is called the Assisted Collection Service.

The refuse collectors will wheel your bin out to the road for collection and then return it after it has been emptied. You can download and view the Council's policy on providing assisted collections.