Later this year, we'll be introducing an all new recycling service across Sheffield. Your blue recycling box will be replaced with a new brown wheelie bin and each household will now have three fullsize bins.

In May and June we wrote to a number of households asking them to have their say on the future of their recycling service.

The consultation has now ended and the majority of residents who responded told us they would like to receive their own brown bin and not share recycling bins with other properties. All properties will now receive their own brown bin when the recycling service changes in the coming months.

We'll provide further information about the changes taking place and when to expect delivery of your new brown bin later in the month.

About the recycling consultation

We contacted households that were identified as potentially having difficulty storing three bins on their property. If you were contacted, you will have been asked to choose between one of two options:

  1. Have your own set of bins. This means you would receive the same service as other households across Sheffield. You'd have your own blue bin and brown bin for recycling, and your own black bin for your non-recyclable waste.  
  2. Share your recycling bins. This means that you wouldn't have your own recycling bins. Instead you would share two larger recycling bins with neighbouring properties. These would be permanently stored either on the pavement or road. Although you will share your recycling bins, you'll keep your own black bin.

The default position was that all houses would keep their own bins and would receive a new brown bin unless:

  •  More than 30% of households included in the consultation on the street responded and
  •  More than 50% of those who responded voted for Option 2 (shared containers). 

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