A £10 contribution is available for residents of Sheffield who purchase Real Nappies through the Sheffield Real Nappy Network.

Disposable nappies can take up half the bin each week. For a family with just one baby, real nappies can help you manage your waste and reduce your environmental impact.

Just in Sheffield each year we estimate over 15,000 tonnes of nappy waste is produced.


To qualify for the contribution, you must make sure:

  • you order a minimum of £30 worth of nappies before discount and not including any other sundry products
  • the nappies are for a child under the age of 12 months
  • you only make one claim per child
  • you live in the Sheffield area and are liable for Council Tax to us

How to claim the contribution

For more information about Real Nappies, including how to buy and claim the contribution, please email southyorkshirenappylibrary@gmail.com.

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