If you owe us rent, please read our Debt Problems leaflet which gives help and advice on what to do. 

There are a number of organisations who will offer you good quality, free local advice. 

Organisations who advertise debt solutions such as Debt Management Plans (DMP) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) make a profit from setting up these procedures. Although they may be appropriate for you, we strongly advise that you always take independent advice on all the options for dealing with debt before contacting any DMP/IVA provider.

Please contact us if you need help and advice.

Saving money on bills

Our top tips for saving money on bills are:

  • make sure you're getting the best deal
  • ensure that you check your bill statements
  • keep track of direct debits
  • use price comparison sites

Keeping track of your finances

Our top tips for keeping track of your finances are to:

  • keep a daily record of what you buy and how much you spend - sometimes it's the small items that we buy that cost more than we think
  • review your regular payments by Direct Debit or Standing Order. Usually these are the best methods to pay ongoing costs, but better deals may have emerged since you originally set these up
  • check you’re getting the right benefits

Debt advice

It's never too late to get help with debt problems.  However, the earlier you try to sort things out, the more options you have.

A number of companies and organisations offer debt advice.  Many will help with free initial advice, but please check with anyone you contact about the service they offer. You don't have to pay for debt or money advice.  There is plenty of free help for you.

Consolidation loans

Loan providers who advertise ‘consolidation loans’ for people in financial difficulty make their money by selling their product and their main interest is making a profit. Sometimes they insist on the loan being secured on your home. They are not independent and although debt consolidation may be right for you, you should always check what else you can do.

Free help

National Debtline provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice by telephone. 

If you need advice about Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) or other bankruptcy issues, please visit the Insolvency Service website.

For people eligible for legal aid, you can get help from Community Legal Advice. This is a telephone based service which helps those people on low incomes or benefits. 

Call 0345 3454 345.

Local help

Local help which is free and impartial is available through Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). There are also a number of support agencies in Sheffield who can assist with debt advice.

You can find a list of CAB's in Sheffield, other local support agencies and organisations who work nationally in our Debt Problems leaflet, available at the top of this page.