Public Consultations have now ended

We had around 1000 people visit the exhibition and received around 200 completed questionnaires and or emails. Thank you.

We are now assessing your comments, including those given verbally to officers at the exhibitions. Majority of the comments have been supportive of the Plan. All will be reported to Councillors, along with officer recommendations for any changes to the Plan. Once approved, the Plan will be adopted as the “vision” for the city centre for the next 10 years, guiding future regeneration. The Sheffield Local Plan will however be the statutory plan and take precedence in determining individual proposals such as planning applications for specific sites or buildings. 

We hope to adopt the City Centre Plan by the end of this year (2018), although this is subject to the outcome of further public consultations on the Sheffield Local Plan and the proposed Transport Strategy, scheduled to start this autumn. There will be press coverage nearer the time. 


The City Centre Plan is produced by Sheffield City Council to promote the city centre as a great place to live, work and visit. It has not been prepared by the Local Planning Authority nor approved by the Planning and Highways Committee, and so it has no material weight in its own right but the context and evidence presented may contribute to the decision making process.

Full Plan Documents - large file sizes

Please note these are both large files. We cannot reduce the low resolution version any further without compromising quality. 

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