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Stop smoking services and support

Stop Smoking, Start Smiling

Giving up smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to give up smoking. Whether it’s because of a desire to improve your own health, save money or to break free from the addiction to nicotine, it’s never too late to quit.

NHS help to quit smoking.


Yorkshire Smoke free Sheffield (formerly Sheffield Stop Smoking Service)

Thinking about stopping smoking for Stoptober? Yorkshire Smoke free Sheffield invites you to try new ways of quitting!

You can use the service during Stoptober or at any point of the year.

You can pick and mix the support you want:

  • You can quit face to face with one of our advisers,
  • you can quit by telephone with a trained adviser,
  • you can quit using our new on-line support programme available 24/7 - or you can use all 3 ways to quit!

Have a look at Yorkshire Smoke free Service

Or call us on 0800 6120011 (free from landlines) or 0330 6601166 (free from your mobile).


Sheffield Smoke Free Spaces

Sheffield Smoke Free Spaces is a new and innovative service. Our aim is to promote smoke free homes, cars, businesses and outdoor spaces.

To create a safe smoke free environment for all, especially our children and young people. We are encouraging and supporting our communities to live, work and play smoke free.

Like My Smoke free Space on Facebook.

The service offers free training to all front-line workers and volunteers in the city.

Contact Lisa Harman on 0114 2134056 or email


Pregnant women and their partners

Contact Yorkshire Smoke free Sheffield.


Smoke free Children and Young People Service

This service works with children and young people in schools across Sheffield to increase their awareness of the risks of smoking and benefits of being smoke free and supports them in making the choice to live a smoke free life.
The service involves:

  • Training young people to become smoke free peer supporters for their school, who are able to talk to their peers to raise their awareness of the harms of smoking and support them in making decisions to not smoke

  • Tailored stop smoking support for young people through the Yorkshire Smoke free Sheffield Service 

  • Promoting the de-normalisation of smoking

  • Offering smoke free sessions to parents and carers to offer practical advice in supporting their children to not smoke and promote smoke free environments

  • Working with schools to promote smoke free in the school environment

For more information about this service, please contact the Smoke Free Children and Young Peoples Service on 0114 2702040 extension 224.



Reduce availability of cheap and illicit tobacco.

We aim to reduce the availability and supply of cheap and illicit tobacco, and increase awareness of the harm caused from the sale and distribution of these products.

Report any illegal activities about tobacco to Trading Standards, phone 0114 2736290.

You can also ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

We are currently developing a Cheap and Illicit training Toolkit aimed at a wide range of professionals including health, community workers and agencies with direct contact with members of the public to raise awareness of the impact of the availability of cheap and illicit tobacco and increase reporting.

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