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Professionals who work with children in care

Information for professionals who work with children in care.


Corporate Parenting Strategy 2015-2017

Our city's big ambition is that every child, young person and family achieves their full potential. 

This strategy reflects how we are going to meet that ambition for our children and young people who are in care, who have been adopted and who are care leavers.

The Corporate Parenting Board have developed the 7 strategic priorities in this document and an action plan for their delivery.

This strategy describes how the local authority and its partners, such as housing, health services and schools, act as responsible parents to children and young people living under their care. It is about how everyone involved including elected members, officers, teachers and GPs recognise that they are corporate parents and understand what they can contribute for us to be the best corporate parents we can be to all children and young people in our care.

Download the strategy:


Sheffield Independent Reviewing Service Annual Report 2014-2015

All children in care have an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO).

They are independent of the Social Worker and/or their management and their role is to quality assure the planning and review process for each child, ensuring their wishes and feelings are given full consideration.

The IRO Manager writes an annual report reviewing things that have gone well during the year and instances where IROs have had to challenge the Local Authority to ensure positive outcomes for children and young people in care.

This report is presented for endorsement to the Corporate Parenting Board.


Out of area children in care notifications

Where a child in care is in a placement outside of their home local authority area, there is statutory responsibility on the placing authority and the children's home to notify the host local authority.

The responsibility for notification also includes children who are not looked after and placed in a health or education placement for 3 months or more, or placed with the intention of staying for longer than 3 months.

In line with the 2014 amendments to the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England) Regulations 2010, if you are planning on placing a child or young person in Sheffield you should consult with us.

In the first instance please direct this consultation and an up-to-date care plan for the child to:

The letter below provides information about the range of services available for looked after children and young people and young people placed in Sheffield by other local authorities.

Sheffield Placement Sufficiency Assessment for Children in Care 2015

This document sets out how we will ensure that there is sufficient accommodation of all types for children in care and how we will meet our sufficiency duty as laid down in Section 22G of the Children Act ('the 1989 Act'). The act requires local authorities to take steps to secure, so far as reasonable practicable, sufficient accommodation within the authority's area, which meets the needs of children that the local authority are looking after and whose circumstances are such that it would be consistent with their welfare for them to be provided with accommodation that is in the local authority's area ('the sufficiency duty').


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