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Teenage fostering

We are always short of foster carers who can take older children aged 10+.

There is an unfortunate perception that looking after teenagers is harder than looking after younger children.

It is true that teenagers arrive in your home with their own personality very much present and with their own thoughts and ideas, but our foster carers talk about how interesting it is to get to know this teenager.

The teenagers we need foster carers for have, like the younger children, been let down by the adults around them who should have been keeping them safe.

They need a safe home where they can be cared for and carers who can give them support and attention.

There are a lot of misconceptions about teenagers who are in foster care. Very few teenagers are in foster care for something that is their fault and most have been abused or neglected.

A sense of humour and flexibility is essential to look after all teenagers and ours are no different.  They are, of course, going through puberty as well as everything else.

The teenage years are the years when children grow into young people and then young adults and it can be especially rewarding to look after a child through this time.

We need foster carers who can look after teenagers on a short to medium term basis, long term basis, holiday support basis and community support basis.

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  • Modified: May 12, 2016 1:08:25 PM