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Support for Foster Carers

Who cares for the foster carer? We do! As a foster carer we will give you continuing support in many different ways:

  • You will be given your own supervising social worker who will visit you regularly and who you can contact during office hours.
  • Support workers work alongside the supervising social workers and cover many roles to support foster carers. They also act as a bridge to enable you to get support from other professionals.
  • We run a mentoring scheme that pairs new foster carers up with more experienced foster carers for more informal advice and support. They're always happy to be asked for advice and if they don't know the answer to any question, they will know another foster carer who does.
  • There is a fostering community and other foster carers are available for advice or just to share ideas, for example, during support groups, training, or days out. We can put you in touch with foster carers who live nearby, or who are offering a similar type of fostering to you.
  • You will have a foster carer ID card which will get you discounts at various leisure and retail outlets in Sheffield and the surrounding area.
  • You can take a break between placements when you and your family need one.
  • Advice and support is available from independent organisations such as Foster Talk.

  • If you need advice or support out of normal working hours we have a Support Line you can contact at weekends or in the evening so you can reach someone 24 hours a day if you need to.

If you would like more information on the support available to our foster carers or any other aspect of fostering please contact us.

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