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Skills and Qualities of a Good Foster Carer

Louise Gibson 07/01/2010

Information on what skills and qualities help to make a good foster carer. Types of Foster Care provides more specific information on skills and qualities needed for different fostering scheme.

Looking after any child involves juggling a number of responsibilities. As a foster carer we ask you to take on a lot and a good foster carer will need to have certain skills and qualities.

  • You need to be able to accept children and their families whatever the backgrounds they may come from and the different abilities they have. It is important to treat everyone with the same respect whilst seeing everyone as individuals.

  • You will need to be firm and know how to set ground rules, but have some flexibility with these. Patience is essential, as is a good sense of humour to manage the day-to-day things that children do!

  • Feeling comfortable with children is obviously key. Could you help put a child at ease and make them feel a part of your family? Social and family life should be fun! We want foster carers to take children on days out and give them great experiences they might not have had before.

  • You will be someone who is sensitive to children and can help them to open up to an adult and develop trust. You might meet some children who may have challenging behaviour as a result of their life experiences. Foster carers see children as individuals, seeing beyond behaviour and looking at the child within.

  • Foster carers know that the children they care for may reach milestones at different times to other children of a similar age. It is important that foster carers give positive support in helping them to achieve those milestones.

  • As a foster carer you would be given confidential information about children. It is very important that you are discreet and understanding.

Do you think you might have the skills and qualities which make a good foster carer? Please contact us.

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