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Fostering stories

Foster Carers Stories

No one can tell you about the realities of fostering better than our existing foster carers.

Below we have some real life stories written by our fostering families.  Each offers a different perspective and talks about the positive impact fostering has had on their lives.

Male Foster Carers

Read the stories from Martin, Royce and Martyn about how they were inspired to become foster carers and have found the experience life changing.


Fostering is a real career option for anyone who loves children

Sally describes how she gave up a job as a veterinary nurse to become a full time foster carer.

She tells how fostering has been a great experience and one she chose to do as a full time job as she can’t imagine a more rewarding career than helping children have a better future.


Fostering has given me confidence

Lindsay has been a foster carer for 14 years. She is a single carer and has two children of her own.

In her story she talks about her concerns before and during the assessment process and her fostering journey.


A Challenge and a Learning Curve

Helen and Allan thought for a long time before they applied to be foster carers. Here they talk about the delight of seeing the babies they look after reach milestones.


The Whole Family Fosters

Steph, Tom, Lucy, Emily and Billy are the birth children of Helen and Allan (above). They know that fostering has its ups and downs, particularly when children leave and they miss them.


It Felt Like Home

All of our carers foster because they know there are children and young people who need a stable and loving home.

Back in May 2012 Liz, who was in foster care in Sheffield, talked to The Star about the difference her foster carer made to her life. Debbie, her carer, also talks about fostering.

  • Fostering articles (PDF, 499 KB)

    Fostering Feature written by Jo Davison from The Star newspaper, (18th May 2012) which highlights the positive impact Fostering has had on two lives.

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