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Children's social care services

Information and advice for children and families about social care services in Sheffield.


Our services


Our priorities

We must make sure that the money we have is spent helping those in greatest need of our support. For children and families services we give priority to children who are 'in need'. Generally this means children:

  • who need help to maintain their health or development

  • with disabilities

  • in need of protection

  • living away from home (fostering, adoption and children in residential care)

Families that we become involved with will also have different needs. Some may be helped with information, advice or practical services.

Sometimes families can experience problems that are complex, serious and require a more detailed assessment in order to plan the services that are needed.

There may be situations where families are generally coping but need help with specific problems. When a family is in crisis our family support service will help to:

  • keep families together, preventing children coming into care

  • give practical advice and help

  • call on others to help like health workers or psychologists

  • keep children safe from harm

We can also give advice about contacting other organisations that could help - such as housing, the health service or a voluntary organisation.

Often these organisations will also contact social services to ask for help with a child, young person or family experiencing problems.

There may be children, including children with a disability, whose health or development is suffering significantly.

The difficulties may be caused by a particular crisis, or the complex needs of the child or family.

Where we are aware of families in these sorts of situations, they will involve the family and other agencies in an assessment to understand the needs of the child and the family.

From this assessment a decision will be made about what services are needed and who will provide them.


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For information and advice you can contact us.

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