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Adoption support

Prior to the placement of a child for adoption, social workers, together with the adopters draw up a plan for adoption support. This plan is reviewed and updated regularly.

Your Needs

We, along with our partner agencies, provide a range of support and services for adopted children and their families.

We are a team of experienced social workers and support workers who are able to respond to the needs of adopters and their families. We are responsible for assessing adoption support needs after an Adoption Order is granted.

There is an advice available each week day for adopters to use and there are links to a psychological service which adopters and staff can access for consultation.


Who Can Get Support

We provide a range of adoption support services for:

  • Children and young people who are adopted
  • Adoptive parents and their families
  • Birth parents and relatives
  • Persons adopted as a child (now aged over 18)

Adoption has lifelong implications and our support services are based upon an awareness of good practice and the need to take into account the views of service users.

Adoption support can be requested at any time following the making of the adoption order.


Our Support

We are available to help you with:

  • Advice and information
  • Assessment of adoption support needs
  • Access to birth records
  • Support to birth families

Support Groups

The support groups provide an informal setting for adoptive parents and their children to meet and share experiences.

Indirect contact with birth families

In many instances children may have ongoing arrangements for indirect contact with birth families. We are responsible for the operation of the Letterbox scheme.

Letters are received into the office from both birth families and adopters. We will then forward them on to relevant individuals after checking there is no identifying information contained in the letters.

Other Organisations and Groups


If you have any concerns around your child's education, initially advice should be sought from the school itself.

Every school/early years place has a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator who is responsible for how special educational or additional needs are identified and met.

A school can also seek help and advice from a wide range of specialist support services such as the Early Years Team, Learning Support Service and Educational Psychology Service.

Contact numbers can be provided through the school, or by telephoning ourselves on 0114 273 4998.

Emotional Support for Children

If you have concerns about the emotional well-being of your child then we have access to the MAPS (multi agency psychological support) for Looked After Children and can arrange a brief consultation for staff.

They also have an advice line which adoptive parents can ring on a Monday between 10am and 12pm on 0114 226 0876.

Adoption UK

Adoption UK work in partnership with us to support adoptive families including free membership for adopters for one year. Adoption UK can provide parent counsellors for adopters and to find out more please contact us.


Next Steps

To find out more about adoption support or if you just want advice or information on current support groups, please contact us.

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