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Woodland Burial, Wisewood Cemetery

A view over the Woodland burial area at Wisewood cemetery

The cemetery overlooks the beautiful Loxley Valley, surrounded by hills, countryside and native trees. It provides the ideal setting for a burial area where new trees will be allowed to flourish. This will help to create a woodland habitat which will encourage a growth in the population of birds, mammals, insects and flowers.

The Woodland Burial Ground offers the opportunity for those departed to 'return to nature' and contribute to the formation and preservation of a natural woodland.

This type of burial is not intended for those who wish to place a traditional memorial stone on the grave, or for those who feel the need to frequently visit the site. Each grave will be marked by a small stone marker and a choice of native tree. The grass will be cut infrequently and no horticultural chemicals will be used in this area.

Graves are leased for a minimum of 30 years and are for one interment only. Adjacent graves may be reserved for future interments at the time of burial.

Cremated remains graves are also available on the Woodland section. Each grave can accommodate a maximum of four urns of cremated remains. A separate area has been set aside for those wishing to scatter remains.

The use of bio-degradable coffins and shrouds of natural fibres is encouraged, although traditional coffins will be allowed if preferred.

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