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Independent Funeral Arrangements

Although we recognise that most people will prefer to use the services of a Funeral Director to arrange a funeral, we can offer advice and assistance with carrying out an 'Independent Funeral'.

This type of funeral is very personalised because all aspects of arranging the service and preparing the deceased are carried out by a family member.

Coffins, including cardboard, traditional and wicker and also standard and decorative urns for cremated remains are available from Bereavement Services.

When choosing this type of funeral it is important to remember that you will be responsible for the following:

  • Arranging the date and time of the burial or cremation with the relevant authority and ensuring that all funeral requirements are noted.

  • Obtaining and forwarding all documentation to allow the funeral to happen.

  • Preparation and storage of the body and placing in the coffin

  • Arranging transport to the cemetery/crematorium and for the coffin to be carried.

  • The following document is a flow chart to assist anyone wishing to arrange an independent funeral.


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