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Disabled Facilities Grants

Disabled Facilities Grant for home owners and private tenants.

If you are disabled or an older person and you are finding it difficult to do everyday tasks, you might find that adaptations to your home would make life easier. You can ask our Equipment and Adaptations Service to assess your needs to see if any adaptations would be suitable for you.

You may be eligible to have funding from the Disabled Facilities Grant for any adaptations that we recommend, or choose to have alternative work done that is more suited to you.  The grant is for adaptations such as stair lifts, level access showers, hoists and ramps for people who need them to live at home independently and safely.
Disabled Facilities Grants are means-tested in accordance with Government regulations. We will do a financial assessment with you and this means you may have to pay something towards the adaptations.
There are 2 important things that we have to work out:
  • Whether you need adaptations and what these could be.
  • Then we work out whether you qualify for a grant; this depends on how much money you have based on your income and savings.


10 steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Get in touch with us on 0114 273 4709 if you think you might benefit from some adaptations to your home.

Step 2

Have an assessment with an Occupational Therapist.

Step 3

The recommendation – either for minor (less than £250) or major (more than £250) adaptations.

Step 4

Agree the timescales – based on your assessment and your situation, the work will be classed as ‘urgent’, ‘non-urgent’ or ‘Fast Track.’

Step 5

Or phone 0114 273 4709. We can help you to complete the application form and you will have a financial assessment.

Step 6

Plan the work – we can help and assist you with choosing a builder and getting the work done.

Step 7

Do the paperwork – drawing up the plans (with an architect if necessary), get quotes and permissions (where needed).

Step 8

Get approval – you will get a letter telling you if you are eligible for the Disabled Facilities Grant and if so, how much funding you can get.

Step 9

Get the work done.

Step 10

Pay for the work.
To get more information about each of the 10 steps, download 'Disabled Facilities Grants and Adaptations to your Home' below


If you aren't eligible

If you aren’t eligible for the Disabled Facilities Grant, our officers can talk to you about what support we can offer you. If you want to go ahead with the adaptations, we can still help and assist you in making sure the work is done to a satisfactory standard.


How the grant is worked out 

The Government sets the rules about how the Disabled Facilities Grant is calculated. The guidance is complex and so we are only outlining the main points here.

The test of resources, or means test, is based on your ability to contribute. Your income and notional outgoings are used to work this out. Your partner’s income may also be taken into account. Children and people on certain benefits are not means tested.

More information about how the amount you could have is worked out, download 'Disabled Facilities Grant and Adaptions to your Home' (above).


You can download Gemma's experience of adapting their home using the Disabled Facilities Grant below, and also Martins story below



Apply online for an assessment and find out if you can apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant.

Or call us on 0114 273 4709.


More information

If you have had an assessment and are going through the application process you may find it useful to download and keep a copy of 'Disabled Facilities Grants: What you need to know' below

More about the Disabled Facilities Grant from

More about using equipment and adaptations to help you live independently in your own home.

A British Sign Language Version of the Disabled Facilities Grant leaflet is also available


Contact Us

The information included in this page gives an overview and general guidance only. If you would like more information you can contact us on the details below:

Telephone: 0114 273 4709 for enquiries about your assessment
Telephone: 0114 273 4646 for enquiries about Disabled Facilities Grants. 
Address: Equipment and Adaptations, Sheffield City Council, Floor 9, Redvers House, Union Street, Sheffield S1 2JQ

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