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How to get care and support

Getting care and support

‘Care and support’ is the help some people need to live as well as possible with any illness, disability or impairment they may have.

We also provide support for carers, and for families with a disabled young person (as part of them moving to adult care and support).

Care and support can include help with things like:

  • washing and dressing yourself
  • preparing and eating meals
  • getting out and about
  • keeping in touch with friends and family.

When you contact us, we will talk to you about the problems you are having and the issues you are facing, and how you can get care and support.

Short term help

If you need short term help to regain your independence, we will talk to you about the care and support we can give you to help you learn new ways to do things and live as independently as possible.

Long term help

If you have long term care and support needs, we will arrange to visit you to carry out an assessment of your needs.

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Your involvement

We will make sure you are able to be involved in your assessment and care and support planning.
If you:

  • have substantial difficulty in being involved in your assessment and care and support planning (such as difficulty understanding or retaining information), and
  • you have no family or friends who can help,

We will arrange for an independent person (called an advocate) to help you so you can be fully involved.


Care and support is changing

You may have heard of changes because of the Care Act, which will help to make care and support consistent across the country.

About Care and Support - Care Act.



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Contact us

If you have a question about this information, want a printed copy to be sent to you, or want to speak to someone you can contact us.

Information can be provided in alternative formats and other languages on request.

Factsheet to download

This information is available in a factsheet you can download.

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