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How to get social care support

Information about social care support, and who can get help from us.

Social care support

We provide care, protection and help for vulnerable people aged 18 and over.
We aim to help people remain independent in their own home for as long as possible, and provide support and protection for those who need it most.
We can support you if you:
  • require short term support after an operation, illness or fall
  • have a physical, sensory or cognitive impairment
  • have a learning disability
  • are affected by HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C
  • have a mental health condition
  • are a carer (a carer provides regular care for a relative, partner or friend who needs support because they can’t manage at home by themselves).

Helping you to remain independent

We want to help you remain independent for as long as possible, and make sure you get the right amount of support when you need it.

When you first contact us you will be referred to our Community Access and Reablement Service (CARS), who will discuss your care and support concerns and help you with these if they can.

Help to regain your independence.

Assessing your needs

We’ll assess you towards the end of your reablement to decide with you whether you need continuing support. Many people don’t need any more support from us after their reablement.

If you do need more support, we’ll work with you to identify your needs and any risks to your independence, then we’ll work out if you’re eligible for support from us. Our eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible, we’ll work with you to plan your support. We’ll also carry out a financial assessment to work out if you’re able to pay some or all of the costs.

There's more information about how we provide support with travel arrangements in our adult social care factsheet at the bottom of this page. 

Cost to you

If you’re not eligible, we’ll make sure you get advice and information about services that can help you remain independent and prevent your situation getting worse. Support available

Contact us

We're here to help so if you have any questions or would like more information please contact us.

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