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We know more people are surviving cancer.  However, over 1,350 people in Sheffield were living with a diagnosis of breast, bowel or prostate cancer last year.

We need to reduce this number, and increase the number of people attending screening opportunities.  Talking openly about cancer should increase awareness and help save lives.

Cancer Ambassadors

Cancer Ambassadors are volunteers who want to help fight cancer.  They give as little or as much time as they want. They receive training on cancer awareness and the importance of cancer screening. They work through, (and are supported by) local community organisations and they help spread messages including the importance of taking up screening opportunities and getting signs and symptoms checked.  They’ll use their training and own experience to support people and spread cancer fighting messages through short talks to groups in their local area or by chatting to neighbours, family and friends.

Cancer Champions

Cancer Champions receive the messages from the Ambassadors. They can be anyone - community members, friends of Ambassador’s or members of a community group.  Cancer Champions pass on the cancer messages to others.

We’d like 1,800 Cancer Champions by September.  That’s 1800 people who have listened to the messages and passed them on to more people! 

Why become a Cancer Champion or Ambassador?

You get the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference! You’ll be part of a wider network of trained people – all spreading important messages and saving lives together. 

How to get involved
Darnall Well Being
SOAR Works
Zest Healthy Living Centre
Sheffield Mencap & Gateway
Heeley City Farm
Manor and Castle Development Trust
Reach South Sheffield
Sheffield Mind
Shipshape Health and Wellbeing Centre
Woodhouse and District Community Forum