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Project Assessment Workshop

The Project Assessment Workshop (PAW) is held at the beginning of the Start Up phase. Its aim is to refine and flesh out the initial project idea and bring greater clarity and wider ownership to it.

The Project Sponsor and the Project Manager should attend the PAW, but should also invite anyone who can help define and scope the project. There may be some obvious stakeholders such a:

  • Finance
  • BIS
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Programme Manager

It may also help to think more widely and perhaps invite the not so obvious stakeholders such as:

  • External partners
  • Colleagues in other Service Areas / Portfolios
  • Asset Management Group
  • Legal

When you are ready to conduct your PAW, it is worth sending the Project Mandate to attendees prior to the meeting so that they have a good idea of what will be discussed.

There should be 5 major outputs from the PAW:

  1. Project Assessment Matrix (PAM) - this helps you to understand the scale and level of risk involved in your project.
  2. Scope - by using the PAM, you will start to clarify the scope of the project which is a building block for the Strategic Business Case.
  3. Benefits - you will identify the high level benefits that the project will contribute to.
  4. Initial Stakeholder List - you should try and identify who the key stakeholders are in the project so that they can be consulted prior to Review 1.
  5. Initial Risk Register - you should start to discuss what the biggest risks are to the project.

The final outcome of the PAW is to decide on the immediate next actions (including production of the first draft of the Business Case) and to put some timescales on them. This minimises the risk of the project losing momentum early on.

The next few sections discuss these outcomes in more depth. The first of these is the Project Assessment Matrix.

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