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Review of start up (review 1)

Review 1 is the first formal review of a project's progress.  This is not the same as a regular Project Board meeting. It has a specific purpose to:

  • Look back at the Start Up phase and check that the Strategic Business case is made;
  • scrutinise and agree the project plan for the Planning phase that follows;
  • and agree to provide resources - staff and finance for the Planning phase.

It is not to:

  • Give the go ahead for all of the project;
  • or discuss regular Board business, such as Highlight Reports.

However, you may want to schedule it to happen just next to a Project Board meeting as many of the people needed for the review will be there.

Who is involved?

It is the Sponsor's responsibility to organise and Chair the Review.  In low risk projects the Review may only involve the Sponsor and Project Manager and perhaps a couple of other key stakeholders.

For medium and high risk projects it is likely to be a full meeting of the Board along with other key stakeholders.

It isn't a secretive process. It's about getting a really clear picture of how things are going. Remember, if the review shows that a project is not viable or not meeting a priority or business need, then the Sponsor should stop the project.

Questions to ask

The sort of questions a Sponsor will probably want to ask include:

  • Is the Strategic Business Case made? In other words, does the project appear to:
    • Meet a business need and contribute to a Corporate Plan Ambitions and how?
    • Be affordable and achievable?
  • Is there a clear project scope?
  • Have we explored enough options?
  • Have we gained Portfolio Finance approval?
  • Have we sought advice from everyone we need to, such as Facilities Management or HR?
  • Do we have stakeholder support?
  • Do we know the major risks?

Scrutiny of Project Plans for Planning Phase

After Start Up, the project enters the key Planning phase. At Review 1, the Sponsor, Board and manager should be scrutinising the plans for this phase to satisfy themselves that it can be delivered. The sort of things they will ask include:

  • Is there a detailed plan for the Planning Phase and milestones to project completion?
  • Does it look achievable and are sufficient resources identified?
  • Have detailed costs been agreed with Finance?

Once Review 1 has been conducted and approval to continue has been given, you can progress onto the Project Planning Phase.

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