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Review of planning (review 2)

Review 2 takes place after the early planning has started, and the Business Case has been further developed. At this stage, the project team should be largely in place, the finances sorted and crucially, the Project Initiation Document assembled. The aim of Review 2 is to:

  • Look back at the Planning phase and check whether the outline or second draft Business Case, and the elements in the PID, stack up.
  • Scrutinise and agree the project plan for the Delivery Preparation phase that follows.
  • Check whether any internal commissioning arrangements are adequate.

Review of Planning Phase

A Sponsor will probably want to ask: 

  • Are we being realistic about our ability to achieve a successful outcome?
  • Is the Outline or second draft Business Case made? In other words, does the project appear to:

    • Meet a business need and contribute to a Service or Portfolio plan? How?

    • Be affordable and achievable?

  • Can we confirm funding availability for the whole project?

  • Do we have the right approach to project development?

  • Are we engaging stakeholders?

  • Is the project plan realistic?

  • Do we have the right expertise?

Scrutiny of Project Plans for Delivery Preparation Phase

After Planning and Initiation, the project enters the Delivery Preparation phase. At Review 2, the Sponsor, Board and manager should be scrutinising the plans for this next phase to ensure that the all the elements needed to actually deliver the project are in place, including:

  • Sufficient resources for all the delivery preparation tasks to be completed on time.
  • The milestones and dates give the team sufficient time, not enough or too much.
  • The right people are engaged in the process including any legal or procurement expertise.

When the Project Board has granted approval, you can progress to the next stage of project delivery, Project Delivery Preparation.

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