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Licensing for sports grounds and stands

Sports stadia with a spectator capacity of more than 10,000 people are designated by the government and must be certified under the Safety at Sports Grounds Act 1975.

Sports ground safety certificates will cover use of the stadium for certain specified activities, use for other spectator related purposes will require the issue of a special safety certificate.

Any non-designated sports ground which contains a stand with a spectator capacity of more than 500 is deemed a regulated stand and must be certified under the Fire Safety and Safety at Places of Sport Act 1987, with a Sports stand safety certificate.


Safety Certification and Safety Advisory Group Policy

The attached document sets out the agreed policy and procedures with regards to the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) Process in Sheffield.

It sets out our approach to discharging our power and responsibilities in respect of the issue and review of the General Safety Certificate and / or Special Safety Certificate.

It also sets out the approach of the SAG in relation to designated stadiums, regulated stands, other grounds, concerts, festivals and other events where the SAG is engaged.


Enforcement Policy

The document attached below gives designated sports stadiums, regulated stands, certificate and licence holders and other grounds or events that fall within the remit of the SAG process an understanding of what to expect with regards to enforcement.

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