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Street Parties

Street parties and fetes are a traditional part of community life; they are a simple way for us to get to know our neighbours and meet members of our community.

We define a street party as:

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Publicity only to residents
  • No licences normally necessary if music is incidental and no selling is involved
  • No formal risk assessment needed
  • Self-organised by the local residents

Permissions and licences

Typically a street party will involve closing a street. To do this, you need to submit a road closure application (at the bottom of this page) as soon as possible before the event is due to take place. We will need at least 2 weeks to process these applications.

Please note, if you want to:

  • Hold live performances, film screenings or dancing

  • Play live or pre-recorded music for entertainment purposes

  • Sell alcohol

  • Hold a raffle

  • Sell food and hot drinks between 11pm and 5am

You may also need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN), for which there is a small charge.


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