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Vary a club premises certificate

Where a club who holds a Club Premises Certificate wishes to amend the licence, an application to vary the Club Premises Certificate under the Licensing Act 2003 can be made to us.



The areas in which the certificate can be varied are:

  • Varying the hours of a permitted licensable activity
  • Adding or removing licensable activities
  • Adding or removing conditions
  • Altering any aspect of the layout of the premises which is shown on the plan

To apply to vary the Club Premises Certificate, an application must be made and sent to both us and the responsible authorities.

Please ensure that the original club premises certificate and summary is accompanied with the application or, if that is not practicable, by a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the certificate.

The day after the application has been received by us, a notice (printed on pale blue paper) must be clearly displayed on the premises for 28 days.

An advertisement must also be placed in the local newspaper, or if there is none, in a local newsletter, circular or similar document, circulating in the vicinity of the premises, on at least one occasion during the period of ten working days, starting on the day after the application is received by us. This advertisement is normally the same wording as your blue notice above. 



The fee to vary a club premises certificate depends on the non-domestic rateable value for the premises.


Eligibility criteria

A person acting on behalf of the club would make the application to vary the Club Premises Certificate.


Regulation summary


Application evaluation process

On the day after an application is received, a 28 day consultation period begins allowing comments or 'representations' to be made about the application by the responsible authorities and any local residents or ‘interested parties’.

During this time, the responsible authorities will work with you to ensure your proposals are in line with the four licensing objectives.


How we will notify you / timescales

If no comments are received during the 28 day period the application will be deemed granted after the last date for representation and your licence will be issued and sent to you.

If relevant representations are received within the 28 day consultation period a public hearing must be held to determine your application. You will be notified in writing telling you when the hearing will be, who has made a representation and what that representation is.

The public hearing will be held within 20 working days after the last date for representation. The hearing date may be extended if the Licensing Authority considers it is in the public interest to do so.


Apply to vary the certificate

Apply online to vary a club premises certificate.

If you'd prefer, you can contact us for an application pack, or you may print an application form and send them to us through the post or bring them to our reception.

Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to Sheffield City Council) through the post and cash and cheques are accepted if you bring it to our reception.

For details of our postal address, how to find our reception and reception opening times please contact us.



Please contact us.

Any applicant, responsible authority or person making representation is able to appeal the Licensing Authority’s decision to a Magistrate’s Court within 21 days of the notice of decision.


Complaints and comments

If you are experiencing problems with club premises contact us for advice.

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