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Work experience placements

We work with schools and businesses in Sheffield to offer a work experience co-ordination service. This is run on a Service Level Agreement between the school and ourselves.

We do not work with every secondary school in Sheffield as some schools will opt to arrange these on their own or may not take part at all.

Provide a business placement

If your business or service wants to offer a placement to one of the schools below please contact us:

Download and complete the document below:

We are committed to providing as many work experience placements as possible to help our younger citizens gain some experience of working life. 

It also serves to introduce them to the valuable, interesting and worthwhile job roles that exist within the Sheffield area and beyond.


Offer other support

You may not be able to offer work experience placements but you can help in other ways. Any offer you make is best aimed at the 11+ age group.

Register your interest or offer by contacting us or download the above document.

  • Workshops relating to your business sector

  • Talks about how to get into your profession or industry

  • A project in conjunction with one or more schools, for example a problem your company faces and ways to solve it

  • A professional development day for school staff

  • Provision of marketing and/or other materials for students to use as part of their curriculum


How we can support your business

We want to make it as easy as possible for businesses to offer work experience places or other types of support, especially for those who have never offered this before.

Employer guides

We have developed employer guides to help you plan your work experience placement so that you and any students involved get the most out of the placement

Overview of risks and laws

We ensure you receive a copy of ‘The Right Start’. A document produced by the Health and Safety Executive, which sets out in clear and concise language the risks and laws you need to consider when taking on a work experience pupil.

Types of tasks

We will discuss with you the types of tasks the work experience pupil will be doing, make suggestions to what can be included, and can arrange a site visit where necessary to assess the suitability of the placement.

We can also help you assess the risks where appropriate.

We work with the school

We will work with the school to ensure they make contact with your business as soon as possible and to ensure they put forward the most suitable pupil for the role being offered.

We also ensure the school keeps you up to date with information relevant to the placement

Make it easy

We will keep requests for information to a minimum and use electronic forms of communication where possible


We can also provide advice, support and candidates for businesses looking to employ apprentices.


Work experience offers an invaluable experience to the students of today to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. Students at school can become familiar with the skills and attitudes needed by businesses, recognise the demands of working life and help develop their employability skills. 


Schools we work with

We support the following schools:

  • Silverdale

  • Tapton

  • King Ecgberts

  • Chaucer

  • Yewlands

  • Ecclesfield

  • High Storrs

  • Parkwood

  • Firth Park

  • Notre Dame

  • Hinde House

  • Westfield

  • Birley

  • Meadowhead

  • Heritage Park

  • Becton


Benefits of a work experience pupil

Provide an opportunity for a young person

By offering a work experience placement you will be supporting young people with their transition into the world of work.

Work experience can help students learn some of the basics about working life, for example developing confidence, understanding relationships at work, dress codes, expected behaviour, development of health and safety awareness, increased knowledge of the opportunities and career paths available.

Create management development opportunities

The process of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of work experience can give some employees the chance to develop their line management responsibilities within an organisation.

Influence the quality of future employees

Employers can help improve the quality and preparedness of young people coming onto the labour market and help develop a better understanding of the wider employability skills they will need to develop successful careers.

Influence career choices

Many employers have found that work experience placements are an ideal way of raising the profile of career opportunities within their organisation/sector and, in some cases, of dispelling unwarranted stereotyped views.

Develop recruitment channels

Many students are now studying vocational skills at school with the intention of undertaking apprenticeships post 16.

Offering work experience at the Year 10 stage is a great way to start building links with local schools and students and can help attract the best school leavers into jobs and apprenticeships.

There is clear evidence that well organised work experience placements enrich students’ general education, help articulate their career choices and assist with the standard of vocational work they later undertake.

Raise your community profile

Many employers attach importance to raising their profile in the community. Work experience placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image amongst students, teachers, parents and employees.

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