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Register as a Supplier

Depending on the type and size of contract, we search for suitable suppliers using a number of tools.

If you are a supplier interested in doing business with us, you can improve your chances of learning about forthcoming business opportunities by registering your details at the following places:



Buy4Sheffield is the result of an initiative to make it easier for suppliers to do business with the Public Sector in Sheffield.

Buy4Sheffield offers the facility for suppliers to register their details on a system called the Supplier Registration System (SRS). This SRS is currently used by eight of the public sector bodies in Sheffield involved in the initiative, as a tool to source suppliers. Our buyers are increasingly using this SRS to find suppliers for goods and services under the £25k tender threshold.

It is free to register as a supplier, there is just a short questionnaire to complete, and suppliers from outside the region are welcome to register their details.



The YORtender system is a central, electronic e-Procurement system used by councils across Yorkshire and Humber. We are increasingly using YORtender to advertise our contracts and to invite and receive tenders.

It is free to register as a supplier on YORtender and includes the benefit of being able to see tenders advertised across the region by other local authorities.


Approved Contractor Lists

Approved Contractor Lists for Building, Construction and Civil Engineering Works

Above the value of £25k

We use the ConstructionLine service to manage our approved list of contractors.

For works below the value of £25k

We manage an Approved Contractors list - However, we are currently reviewing the way that this is managed, and are therefore unable to accept new supplier requests to join this list at the present time.

Further information and updates about our Approved Contractor Lists.

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