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Approved contractors list

We use approved lists of contractors for the following areas:

  • Small, general building maintenance works, up to £25k

  • Building and Civil Engineering works, over £25k


Apply to be added to an approved list

Our application process ensures that the contractors we use:

  • Are suitably qualified to undertake the works required

  • Have processes that comply with our policies on health and safety and equal opportunities

  • Have the financial and technical capabilities required


Approved list for under £25k works

We manage the approved list up to £25k.

However, this process is being reviewed and we are currently unable to accept requests from suppliers to be added to this list.


Approved list for over £25k works

We have simplified the application process to join our Approved List for Building & Civil Engineering Works for contract values over £25k and below the OJEU threshold.

Approved list over £25k.

Inclusion on an approved list will not by itself guarantee work. You may be invited to submit a quote or tender for a contract to deliver works or services to us, and you should be aware that further information may be required as part of that process.


Removal from the list

Companies are subject to suspension and/or removal from the list should it be found that they do not continue to fulfil the criteria as outlined in the application process.


Approved lists for non-construction goods and services

We do not hold any other approved lists.

Doing business with us explains how, what and when we buy, and provides details of how to register to become a prospective supplier to us.


Contact us

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