Be a baby safe parent

These 6 points will help give you and your baby the best start in life.

Breastfeeding helps protect you and your baby.

If you are formula or bottle feeding your baby there is also information and advice available to help you do this safely.

Keep your baby close and respond to their needs.
Seek help to stop smoking - keep your home and car smoke free.

Smoking not only harms your own health it damages the health of your baby, even when the baby is still inside the womb. To get the help you need, contact a member of our friendly stop smoking team.

You can organise a call back or pop into one of our shops. 

Vaccines are important. They help protect you and your baby.

Make sure you stay up to date.

Make sure your baby is sleeping safely

Follow the advice available.

Keep in touch - meet others, keep talking and stay active. You’re not on your own.

Watch the NHS 'Our Lift The Baby' campaign video that is aimed at promoting safer sleeping in younger babies.

Baby Safe campaign mage