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Children in our care (looked after children)

When a child's parents or family cannot provide appropriate care for them and the child or young person becomes looked after, the local authority assumes parental responsibility for that child when a care order is made.

Corporate parenting is the term generally used to describe this legal responsibility, but the concept is wider than that; good corporate parenting emphasises that we should have the same interest in and aspirations for children and young people in care (or leaving care) as we would for our own children.

The term corporate parenting appeared in legislation for the first time in the Children's Act 1989.

We work with families to provide alternatives to their care temporarily or permanently, for example fostering, residential care or adoption (sometimes called Looked After Children).

Children and young people have different needs and we offer a range of services to support children in our care.

Information for care professionals.


The Pledge

The Sheffield Pledge to children in care is a promise that social workers, their managers and other professionals make to the children and young people in their care.


Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the work we do for Looked After Children, adopted children and care leavers, please contact:

Joel Hanna, Acting Assistant Director Children and Families Service:
Telephone: 0114 2736463

Clare Humberstone, Children's Involvement Manager:
Telephone: 0114 2288553

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